Texas exotic hunting at Big Oak Ranch

Our Ranch

Big Oak Ranch is located in Marion County in East Texas, situated in a rural area of oak and pine groves. 

From the beginning, Big Oak Ranch specialized primarily in bowhunting for trophy exotics. While we still offer bowhunting, the ranch is also open to gun hunts and weekend animal observation and photography excursions for those that are interested in watching and photographing exotics. 

Come enjoy the fun of hunting exotics with your bow, gun or camera!


  Big Oak Ranch is owned by Gary and Judy Root who oversee the ranch and make sure that it is in top condition. Our ranch and hunts are managed by Whitney who has been functioning as guide and handler at Big Oak Ranch since its inception. She is now our Ranch Manager and will coordinate your hunt, designate your stand, answer any questions on animal identification prior to getting in your stand, provide ranch transportation and assist in retrieving your animal. She is available to skin and field dress your animals at an additional cost if you desire. 

Our Trackers

Our staff tracking dog "Beau" is a young Red Lacy and is in training with his protege "Bagley".

Other Services