All hunting fees are to be paid in cash or credit card

  • The day hunting cost without meals is $150.00 per day for hunters, $100.00 per day for a non-hunting companion.
  • Meals can be provided upon request for an additional fee.
  • Daily hunting fee allows one hog per day to be taken. Additional hogs can be taken for an additional fee.
  • All animals are not available at all times. Specify the animal that you desire to take at the time of your booking to assure availability. A variety of animal, other than those in our price list, can be made available depending on availability.
  • Hunting fees are based on price list in effect at the time of the actual hunt unless agreed to in writing at time of booking. Prices will change based on animal availability and cost. Hunting fee are subject to change without notice. "Locked in" pricing can be made available with additional deposit.

  • $200 deposit to book a hunt is non-refundable. Additional deposit may be required if you specify a particular animal to be made available
  • Credit Cards are accepted for hunting payment + (3 1/2% fee).
  • Skinning fee $75.00 per animal if you would like our guide to skin and quarter your animal. $100 to cape and $125 to cape a Red Stag. Hunters are allowed to use our skinning facilities and cooler at no charge if you prefer to clean the animal yourself.
  • All hunting charges are due and payable with cash or credit card the day of the hunt

Price List

All prices in US$ * indicates Not available at this time