Big Oak Ranch "Rules for Visitors"

  1. You must have a valid Texas Hunting License/Permit and follow all Texas game laws. Link to Texas Park and Wildlife:
  2. Do not shoot any Whitetail or Exotic doe with a fawn.
  3. Bowhunters are allowed a maximum of 3 arrows in your blind at any time. Your name must be on the arrow shaft.
  4. Any animal hit is to be paid for whether killed, recovered or not.
  5. Guns are not allowed on the ranch property without permission. A pistol used for personal protection must remain in your vehicle.
  6. Loaded firearms are not allowed in camp at any time. Load and Unload your gun at your blind.
  7. Personal ATV’s are not allowed on any of the ranch property.
  8. Smoking IS NOT ALLOWED in any cabin, bunk house or the lodge at any time. Smoking is only allowed in the immediate vicinity of the cabins. POSITIVELY NO SMOKING is allowed within the high fence or low fence area.
  9. Responsible drinking is allowed within the cabin or bunk house vicinity. Absolutely no drinking is to be mixed with hunting. No inebriated person, in the opinion of the ranch/hunt manager, will be allowed to hunt.
  10. Spot and Stalk or Still Hunting (outside of the blind) is not allowed without the permission of the Hunt Manager.
  11. “Party Hunting” or Game Drives are not allowed.
  12. Bowhunters “Blunting” is not allowed.
  13. Please report any animal shot at and we will help find your trophy. A wounded animal is a purchased animal.
  14. Safety harnesses are required for hunting from tree stands.
  15. Dumping of animal carcass on the ranch property is not allowed.
  16. Do not attempt to track a wounded animal. Our tracking dog can have better success of tracking your animal if the trail has not been disturbed.
  17. Broad head arrows are not allowed on the practice range.
  18. $100.00 bounty will be paid to you for Coyotes or Bobcats. 

Rules PDF Please sign and return